Pages Of A Yesterday

****** Chapter 5 out of the present day. ******

The day was sublime with an illuminating zeal of a 5 year old yawning from the prior night’s dream. Detached from reality with the moonlight sneaking through the window as a guide throughout the night.

Mother came calling for her young 5 year old lad. Leaning against the door frame, tiredness painted on her face. Plausible excuse for the first Saturday of the month.

Half way down the sitting room, a new sense of excitement grips the air. Its Cardbury Bournvita time! Running from couch to couch, trying to dodge an imaginary lava, just to have the front couch. Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Voltron was my hero at age 5.

After the evil King Zarkon and his witch, Haggar from planet Doom create their robotic beasts to terrorize the kingdom of Arus, I quietly whisper for the Voltron Force and magnificient Voltron to come defend the universe once again.

The plastic animation of the Aqua Fighter, Turbo Terrain Fighter and Strato Fighter to form the mighty Voltron was always the most befitting scene to my young mind. Its promising. Its ecstatic. Its exciting. Its Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

****** Today’s chapter of the present day. ******

Looking back in retrospect, the grasping thought of attaching to a robotic hero wasn’t childish. It is a young lad finding his path into the future. Being a leader. An alpha. A Voltron to all King Zarkon and the witch Haggar of today.

I am my own Voltron. Find yours. Its a rare victory when you find it.


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